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Top 10 Social Media Apps Which Gained Immense Attention in the Year 2022

Social media allows you to communicate with others and share your thoughts, interests, and likes. Apps like these have been around for years, ever since the internet was launched. Apps for everything, from personal to social to daily life. All of these apps are there to make life easier. Many apps are part of our daily lives and we are all familiar with them. There are many apps that not everyone knows or uses.

This is the list with the top 10 most popular social media apps that gained enormous attention in 2022. They are both addictive and highly productive.

1. Tumblr

This app was a huge hit this year. You can share your thoughts and posts with this app. It’s almost like having your blog channel. Tumblr allows you to interact with others with similar interests and thoughts. Follow what others are saying, comment, and even post your opinion on your favorite fandom. Tumblr is easy to use and easy to understand.

2. Quora

This app was addictive for me throughout the year. You can post any question (Quora), and you can also read the queries of others. This app allows you to improve your knowledge and gain more information. This app will satisfy your intellectual hunger.

3. Whisper

You may have secrets that you would like to share with someone. Are you ready to confess? You can post anonymously on this app whisper. Chat anonymously with anyone. Whisper’s creepy, clingy confessions have attracted many people’s attention.

4. Goodreads

Are you a book nerd? Yes, I am. This app is perfect for book lovers. This app allows you to track your books and keep track of what you read. You can comment on your daily progress by reading a book. Your book is available for review. Chat with other book lovers. Create or join book clubs. Every book lover will find a drama paradise.

5. Amino

Each person has a favorite fandom. You can easily download the amino app of your favorite fandom, or create a blog to comment on another person’s post. This will allow you to chat with other Potterheads, Directioners, book nerds, and many more.

6. Yik yak

This app is so easy to use, I’m willing to bet your life that you’ll live it once you have downloaded it. Because of its uniqueness and individuality, this app has been hugely popular. This app allows you to post/post questions or discuss threads within a radius of 5 miles. Chat anonymously with anyone within a 5-mile radius to see, post, and write. This is an app that campus students love to use.

7. Pinterest

You will find this app to be your favorite place to spend your time, as it offers everything you want. The app allows you to select the topic of your interest. It will then display posts that are related to those topics.

You can scroll through a bazillion articles or DIYs related to your topic. A perfect time pass!

8. Peach

Already missing Vine? Dom Hoffmann, the Vine co-founder, created Peach. Peach is a mix of all social media apps with more fun and uniqueness. The hashtagging feature allows users to connect with others who share similar interests. This app is rapidly gaining mainstream popularity.

9. StumbleUpon

This app is very similar to Pinterest. StumbleUpon is the one-stop-shop for all your interests. You can select the topic of your interest, and the app will collect all the news, highlights, news, and posts related to your interest. Chat with others with similar interests to you.

10. Wanelo

Fashion savvy is something we all share. You can view all information and get offers from the big brands or find them on this app. You can browse through the latest outfits from your favorite brands and add them to your cart. Also, you can see what your neighbors are wearing or what is trending in fashion. It’s fashion heaven for all women.

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