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The wait is finally over. No Clean Singing is premiering ORBIT OF NEMESIS off our new EP ” Extinction Necromance” due out May 19th, 2015. Check it out here:

We’re back

The time we have taken apart has really shown us the true meaning of our lives. We live and breathe XUL. We all agree that the time apart was necessary not only creatively, but also as individuals. We are all very proud of all the music we have produced thus far, and have a direction that we all feel strongly about. We’ve been jamming, and it hasn’t felt better. We would like to thank you all for waiting for our return. This will be an amazing year, and we all feel rejuvenated. 2014: THE YEAR OF XUL.

xul immortal


We’d like to thank everyone for an amazing year from the XUL camp. Between releasing Malignance, to touring our glorious nation, we have accomplished more than we could have ever thought possible.

With that being said, after much discussion, we have decided the next step for us as individuals, and as a band is to take an indefinite hiatus from XUL.

Somewhere a long the way, we lost sight of our original goal: to make music that is true to us. We are absolutely proud of everything that we have accomplished thus far, but even the best things have become more of a chore than a passion.

We will still be completing our EP, and it will be released eventually. But for the time being, we think it is best to take a step back as a group and re-evaluate our future.

This is by no means the end. But it is an end.