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7 Types of Lawyers You Should Know About

Perhaps you know lawyers just based on the TV shows you watch. All of a sudden, you may find yourself needing one. Getting the right lawyer can save you time, money, and the stress of uncertainty. Whether you are clueless or knowledgeable about legal matters, lawyers can provide proper legal advice. So how do you know which lawyer is right for your concern? Types of Lawyers Explained There are different kinds of lawyers, but there are those that most people would need. Suppose you are facing a situation where legalities will be involved. In that case, it is best to consult with one immediately. Read on to get to know the lawyers you might encounter one day. Family Lawyers Family lawyers are also the ones they call divorce attorneys. However, they handle a lot of family-related issues. These individuals, like the divorce lawyers in Baton Rouge, handle the division of assets, child custody and support issues, and alimony. The scope also includes adoption, guardianship, and paternity. Also, a family lawyer’s responsibilities include handling juvenile delinquency and child welfare. Insurance Claims Lawyer An insurance lawyer can tell you whether your insurance company treats you fairly. If they aren’t, this lawyer can represent you in court. This attorney should be able to interpret your agreement with an insurance company and let you know if the company is acting according to it. Such cases can be about claims for natural disasters like hurricanes. The hurricane disaster attorneys can take you through the process and try to win a settlement or have the company pay for actual damages. Personal Injury Lawyer A personal injury lawyer helps people injured in accidents with regard to financial compensation. These types of injuries are from motor vehicle accidents, defective products, workplace injuries, and medical malpractice. They must prove that the responsible individual or corporation is liable and should pay damages to their client. Bankruptcy Lawyer This lawyer gives legal advice to a client about bankruptcy. A lawyer can advise you whether to file for bankruptcy and which type to file. Further into the process, the lawyer can let you know what kind of debts can be reduced or eliminated. Overall, this lawyer can steer you in the right direction to avoid legal mistakes. These mistakes can bring long-term financial consequences, which can affect one’s life drastically. Business Lawyer This attorney provides business owners with legal advice on issues like taxation, business transactions, or intellectual property rights. They can review contracts, negotiate deals, or, if necessary, litigate in court. Simply put, business attorneys help business owners with problems they are currently facing and problems they might face in the future. Elder Law Lawyer Eventually, everyone might need the service of an elder law attorney. These lawyers serve as seniors’ advocates and know laws about their civil rights and well-being. They can assess and protect the elder’s legal and financial situation. Elder law is about preserving assets for the benefit and care while the person is alive, but most elder law attorneys can also assist in estate planning. Employment and Labor Lawyer This lawyer knows labor laws and focuses on matters concerning employers, employees, and unions. They can advise on different laws for salaries, safety, working hours, etc. basically, employee and labor lawyers resolve issues in the workplace. They mediate, educate, and negotiate between the parties involved. Also, they make sure that workplaces comply with both state and federal laws.