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Why Does The Process Require a Medical Panel Physician’s Approval?

Each year, the Government of Canada welcomes thousands of individuals into the country through various immigration programs like the Express Entry Program, PR Sponsorship: Partners, Spouses, & Children, and refugee programs. Regardless of the nature of their stay, be it for permanent residency, as temporary workers, students, or visitors, they all need to go through an Immigration Medical Examination (IME).

The Significance of Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

As part of the visa application process and Immigration laws in Canada, the IME plays an essential role in keeping Canada’s citizens safe. The primary purpose of immigration physical exam is to ensure that those coming into the country do not pose a public health risk or burden the country’s healthcare system with a condition that requires extensive treatment. IME is not exclusive to Canada; it is a global practice prevalent in overseas immigration. Other jurisdictions practice this rigor to ensure migrant health is in optimal condition.

Role of Medical Panel Physicians

In Canada’s immigration application process, medical panel physicians hold a highly important role. They get official assignments from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Their job involves:

  • Comprehensive Assessments: One big part of their duties is performing comprehensive health checks. For this, they use methods like X-rays and blood or urine tests. The purpose of these tests is to see if the applicants might have any illnesses that can spread to others, or any other health conditions.
  • Ensuring Public Health and Safety: The main duty of these doctors is to help protect the health of people in Canada. They check to make sure that those applying to move to Canada will not harm public health in any way. They also check that the applicants will not need a lot of care from Canada’s health and social services, so they won’t put a big strain on these services. They do this through the health check process.

While these doctors play a critical role, they are just one part of the immigration process. They make sure everyone who wants to come to Canada is healthy. This is important to both the government and the people of Canada, as it helps keep Canada a safe and healthy place to live.

Medical Reports and the Approval Process

After conducting the IME, the panel physician prepares a medical report detailing the applicant’s health status, existing conditions, medications used, and necessary corrective lenses. This medical report is crucial in determining the individual’s eligibility for immigration.

Immigration Medical Panel Physician in Markham

For residents in Markham, there are GTA Med panel physicians in Markham trained to perform IMEs. They follow a standard procedure, using the IMM 1017B Form: Upfront Medical Report Form and updating eMedical, the digital system for IMEs.

Immigration Medical Clinics

You can easily find a quality immigration medical in Thornhill and other areas. These clinics offer a wide range of services, including IMEs for different immigration purposes, catering to students, temporary workers, agricultural workers, students, and others seeking to enter Canada.

Documentation for the IME

For the Immigration Medical Examination (IME), applicants need to present the following documents:

  • Identification: A passport or any official government-issued photo I.D. is required.
  • Medical History: Applicants also need to provide records of their medical history.
  • Previous Medical Reports: If applicable, old chest X-rays and medical reports of physical or mental conditions should be presented.
  • List of Medications: A list of current medications the applicant is taking should also be provided.

PR Sponsorships and Family Members

Family sponsorship is a common form of immigration to Canada. In these cases:

  • Sponsorship: One can sponsor partners, spouses, and children for permanent residency.
  • Health Checks: All family members must undergo an IME to ensure they are in good health and meet the necessary health standards of Canada.

IME Fee and Visa Length

Knowing the cost and impact of the IME is crucial for the process:

  • IME Fee: The IME has its own separate fee to pay. It’s important to remember that this fee can vary, and it does not take into account any extra check-ups or tests that might be needed later on. The fee is directly paid to the clinic or to the panel physician conducting the IME.
  • Visa Duration: The results of your IME affect how long your visa lasts. This is especially important to note for people applying for temporary stays in Canada, such as students, temporary workers, or visitors. The health check results can play a big role in deciding the length of their visas.

So, while planning for the immigration process, understanding fees and visa duration related to IME can be really important. This provides a clear picture of the financial implications and how IME impacts visa length.


The role of the Medical Panel Physician in the immigration process is crucial and multifaceted. Beyond ensuring health standards for new residents, it also plays an important role in Canada’s immigration dynamics as it helps to maintain national safety, protect public health, and ensure a fair and effective immigration system.